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Enjoy some of the places we love to ride!

April 2014

We had a wonderful week riding in the Ozarks of Arkansas! It was great riding! We stayed at Caney Mountain Horse Camp. Anthony rode "Reliance", a mule he is training for Sandy Cardone.

Anthony riding Reliance on the Bluffs overlooking the Buffalo River, Arkansas.



Anthony heading up the steep hill on Reliance.

mule jumping


Anthony riding Reliance (owned by Sandy Cardone, Michigan ) on “the Sidewalk” in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas




Riding in the Shawnee National Forest

image of rocks in forest

"H" rock at Shawnee.

image of man riding mule on rocks

image of riding mules

Riding with friends at Shawnee, doesn't get any better than this!

image of riding mules under waterfall

The waterfall was flowing at Whiskey Cave!

image of riding mules

Riding in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range in Southern Colorado

image of riding mule in mountains

Anthony and Dr. Galen Lueking riding Phantom Terrace trail!

image of man leading mule on trail in mountains

image of mountains


image of mul ein mountains

This is an article written by Anthony that was published in "Mules and More" magazine, May 2014.

Phantom Terrace, Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado

This is a favorite trail riding place for those who love breathtaking scenery and adventure. Anthony “Bull” McAllister and Dr. Galen Lueking (the hillbilly and the doctor) from Southern Illinois made the trek out to this area three years in a row, attempting every year to ride the Phantom Terrace trail. At an elevation of 13,000’, the trail remains impassable for much of the year with ice cover and snow drifts. On the third try (late August), they were finally able to make it through. The trail is beautiful, but not for the faint of heart. At one point you come to a narrow ledge a thousand feet over a sheer drop that connects the Comanche and Venable trails near Westcliffe, Co. The first time riding this was a harrowing experience – not knowing what was around the corner and there sure wasn’t any turning back. We dismounted and led the mules throughthe narrowest part, their saddles scraping the side of the mountain and nothing but air on the other side. The trail, which is less than two feet wide was still icy in some places and we really thought it might be the end for rider and mule. There is one section about two and half feet long with no trail you just have to step over and don’t look down. By the grace of God and a couple of wonderful mules (Ginger and Elwood), we prevailed and made it all the way through safe and sound. This is an absolutely beautiful view, which some have described as “possibly the end of the earth reaching up into heaven”. Just to prove it wasn’t that bad, we went back the following year and rode it again. Happy Trails!



Riding at the M Lazy C Ranch in Colorado


image of mule riding


image of woman on mule

Image of man on mule

Cathy and Anthony riding at the M Lazy C Ranch. Cowboy U was filmed here.

Anthony and Cathy riding in The Gila Wilderness, New Mexico


riding the gila wilderness image

image of riding in gila wilderness

The Datil Mountains, New Mexico

image of the datil mts innew mexico

Anthony and Chris Hostetler riding in the Datil Mountains in New Mexico! Beautiful country!